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Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT
Specialization in Automotive Engineering
Major in Production Management

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Specialization in Energy Engineering
Major in Energy Engineering

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Specialization in Global Production Management

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The Mechanical Engineering program at the Carl Benz School comprises lectures, tutorials, and lab courses, with lecturers and tutors coming from different institutes of KIT. This ensures that the quality of the subjects taught will be of the highest standard.

To make sure that the students are well-prepared for the final exams, some subjects even require students to fulfill certain conditions, for example, to score enough points by completing assignments or quizzes in order to qualify for the examination registration.

The program is completed by supplementary studies, such as language courses, cultural studies, and social events.

Besides the academic demands, students are also encouraged to do a traineeship. This experience will foster career perspectives of our students in industry and provide them with an industry network during their studies. The students can also complete their traineeship abroad.

Curriculum: At A Glance

More than just Mechanical Engineering studies: language(s), soft skills, culture and activities