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Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT
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Information Brochures

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Application Procedure

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The Bachelor Program in Mechanical Engineering Offered in English

Bachelor Program in Mechanical Engineering

The three-year Bachelor of Science program is a Mechanical Engineering program taught in English. It offers its students a well-balanced theory- and practice-related curriculum. Practical research and development are integral constituents of the Mechanical Engineering curriculum.

The Carl Benz School of Engineering is the Mechanical Engineering College of the world-wide renown Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany.


Benefits for You


  • World-class Mechanical Engineering
  • Excellent Location
  • Elite Teaching
  • International Program
  • Industry Network
  • Unique "All-in-one Package"
  • Personal Guidance & Support
  • Supplementary Courses


Learning Outcomes


At the end of your studies you will:

  • Be well prepared for a future employment in the industry, services and public administration.
  • Have acquired the qualifications you need to pursue a master´s degree program.
  • Have sound basic knowledge about mathematics, mechanics, materials science, electrical engineering, computer science, business management and natural science.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of scientific theories, principles and methods
  • Have gathered some practical experience during the 12 week internship and team-based project work.
  • Be able to create models and find new solutions in engineering.
  • Be able to identify, analyze and develop systems and processes, and apply predefined assessment criteria, taking into account technical, economical and social constraints



Are you interested, but not quite sure yet? Visit the CarlBenzSchool and take a look around. Register now for a Campus Tour to see the campus and the facilities. Click here to fill out a short form to register.

Majors and Curriculum

Automotive Engineering
Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering covers every topic in future car engineering.

Curriculum & Infos
Energy Engineering
Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering is the cradle of modern German Engineering.

Curriculum & Infos
Production Management
Global Production Management

Learn more about the fundamental principles of methodical product development process.

Curriculum & Infos