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Summer Engineering Academy

Join our international team at the Summer Engineering Academy in Suzhou, China. The Engineering Academy is a four day course, compact with the unique combinations of practical and theoretical course programs in engineering as well as leisure activities. The course is aimed for secondary school students that have a passion for mathematics, physics and technics and are between the ages of 16 and 19. 

The many exciting workshops, lectures and company visit provide great insight into the world of mechanical engineering. Lecture topics focus on the compelling subjects of mechanics, mathematics and thermodynamic and are exemplified within the practical workshops.


Additionally, we contribute insight into the specifics of what it will be like to study Mechanical Engineering at an international university level. The young talents also learn about future job perspectives of an engineer that holds an international profile.


Parents of the bright students are invited to listen to a separate, exclusive presentation and are welcome to ask any questions about studying, engineering or life as an international student.


The Summer Engineering Academy is a great opportunity to gain first impressions of studying engineering and to learn more about a possible future career in the field!


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Date: July 23 – July 27, 2018

Location: KIT China Branch , Suzhou, China.

Teaching Language: English

Course Fee: 1000€

The course fee includes excursions, workshops, institute visits, lunches and leisure activities. The fee does not include costs for travel and accommodation.


Application Deadline: May 15! Register here!


Please note: Everyone that is not Chinese citizen or does not have a Chinese residence permit is asked to check if he / she needs to apply for a visa to enter China. It is important to apply for a visa early in advance, since the visa process can take several weeks.


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