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Smart Factory@Industry: Hands-On Industry Training

Smart Factory@Industry is a hands-on industry training, which, together with industry partners, aims to enhance the practical as well as theoretical knowledge of Carl Benz School students in the field of Industry 4.0.
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"The project gave me a very good insight not only about the working life at Daimler but also great exposure to a fast-paced, technology focused industry. I gained a lot of understanding about the development of innovation projects and the experience of working on a revolutionary topic was fantastic.

Finally, the Smart Factory project introduced and brought me into contact with the department at Daimler where I am currently working. It was a direct enabler for my job."

Isha, CBS Alumna

About the Program

The smart factory is already part of today's industry, which means that Engineers need know-how for the integration and extension of these digitalized factories. In cooperation with industry partners the Carl Benz School of Engineering as the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT offers the integrated industry unit Smart Factory@Industry. This dual training program aims to enhance the technical and interdisciplinary profile of mechanical engineering students. Lastly, with this program the students are able to build up networks with potential employers at a very early stage of their academic career.

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The Dual Training Program "Smart Factory@Industry" is

  • organized as program-specific block lectures
  • set up as practical phases at the company‘s innovation labs
  • open to selected Carl Benz School participants
  • providing students with exclusive insights in aspects of industry 4.0


The participants will gain...

  • hands-on experience
  • direct links to key players in the German industry
  • knowledge directly from industry experts
  • additional management skills
  • sense for today’s job market
  • intercultural competences
  • the opportunity to do the Bachelor's thesis with one of the industry partners


Each industry partner offers a program according to their production’s very specific needs, which are for example:

  • Inbound/Outbound logistics
  • Internet of Things
  • Human-machine collaboration
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Smart Factory and Smart Manufacturing
  • Product Planning
  • 3D Printing
  • Vertical and horizontal production
  • Supply Chain
  • Cloud Computing
  • Lithography and Digitalization of Fabrication Processes
  • Agile Production Systems



Work with our partners!

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Carl Benz School Industry Partners
Our Smart Factory@Industry partners

Each of our industry partner offers a program according to their production’s very specific needs such as Inbound/Outbound Logistics, Internet of Things, Human-Machine Collaboration and many more.


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