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How to find us!

Carl Benz School is located in Karlsruhe, in the South of Germany. That's how you can reach us!


Schlossplatz 19

76131 Karlsruhe | Germany


Preparatory Course - CBS Pre-Semester

The Pre-Semester is an eight-week preparatory course in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. The course aims to provide you with the knowledge to successfully start your studies at Carl Benz School of Engineering. In addition, the various excursions, team building events and social events ensure that you settle in well in Germany and are in contact with your fellow students right from the start.

The Pre-Semester is mandatory for everyone who is not qualified for direct admission to reach the level required to meet the higher education entrance qualification in Germany. At the end of Pre-Semester, candidates who have not been admitted directly must pass the assessment of eligibility (entrance examination) in order to gain enrollment in the B.Sc. Program in Mechanical Engineering (International).

We highly recommend everyone that has been given direct admission to take part in the Pre-Semester since it covers essential topics for studying Mechanical Engineering.


Why you should take part in the Pre-Semester

1. To refresh your knowledge in Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry

2. To attain the level of proficiency in Academic English required for Mechanical Engineering studies

3. To get to know the academic standards and demands of a German university

4. To settle in Karlsruhe before the semester start

5. To explore the region around Karlsruhe through the various excursions that are offered

6. To get to know your future fellow students through e.g. team building and social events


Find more information about direct and indirect admission in our Admission FAQs!


Important Facts


Move-In Days: August 10 & 11, 2020

Start of Lectures: August 12, 2020

End of Lectures: September 25, 2020

Dates Entrance Exams: September 28 - October 1, 2020


Location: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Carl Benz School Campus

Costs: 4.500 € | The costs include accommodation on the Carl Benz School campus, lectures, extra tutorials, teaching materials, exam fees, events & excursions.


During the Pre-Semester we will organize several exciting excursions for you. For example, you will be building your own raft from scratch in cooperation with your fellow students as well as go tree climbing. We will also visit the world famous Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart. On top of this, we will bring you to Heidelberg, Germany's oldest and most famous university town with its renowned baroque old town. Our student association is also involved in the Pre-Semester and will organize a scavenger hunt around the KIT campus so that you get to know all the relevant locations on campus.


Course Content:

   Pre-Semester Course: Mathematics

The Pre-Semester course in Mathematics covers the following topics:

Part I: Calculus

Basic Concepts, Functions, Differential Calculus, Limits, de L'Hôpital's rule, Integral Calculus

Part II: Vector Algebra

Vectors, Matrices, Linear Systems, Gaußian Elimination and Determinants, Decomposition of Vectors, Vector Product in R³, Applications of Vector Algebra in R³


   Pre-Semester Course: Physics

The Pre-Semester course in Physics covers the following topics:

I. Classical Mechanics

Introduction to Mechanics, Kinematics, Forces, Conservation Laws, Rigid Bodies, Waves

II. Classical Electrodynamics

Electrostatics, Electric Currents, Electroydynamics, Electronic Filters


   Pre-Semester Course: Chemistry

The Pre-Semester course in Chemistry covers the following topics:

I. Atoms, Elements and the Periodic Table

II. Ionic Bonding

III. Covalent Bonding

IV. Bonding in Metals

V. Solutions

VI. Chemical Kinetics

VII. Equilibria

VIII. Acids and Bases

IX. Redox Reactions

X. Electrochemistry

XI. Organic Chemistry


   Pre-Semester Course: English

The aim of the English courses during the Pre-Semester is to prepare students for the use of Academic English.  Even during secondary education using English as the medium of instruction, some of the basic tools needed for succeeding successfully in academic studies are neither refreshed nor the principles taught. Therefore, the English courses in the Pre-Semester offer such for students who at their entry point do not complete the placement test with results that would allow them to officially enroll in the study program. Only those elements are stressed that will be needed in multiple situations of their study program and of their professional life, including internships.




Important!  Please, start the visa application process as soon as you have received the letter of admission.

Pre-Semester Impressions