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Networks & Partners

The Carl Benz School cooperates with several entities to ensure a high quality of teaching and to create opportunities for students and companies alike.
Shaking Hands

The different industry cooperations that the Carl Benz School entertains with some of the most important engineering companies in Germany, open up opportunities for students to gain insights into the industry and get in contact with some of the most attractive employers fo mechanical engineers.

To foster international relations and promote intercultural knowledge exchange, the Carl Benz School has an agreement with the Bruneian Government that gives students from Brunei the special opportunity to study mechanical engineering in Karlsruhe.  

The Carl Benz School has former students in all parts of the world, making up a large global alumni network.

The students at the Carl Benz School are organized in SAID, the Student Association of the International Department. It was founded in 2005 with the aim to enhance the students' experience at the Carl Benz School.