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Impressions Smart Factory@Daimler
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Smart Factory@Industry: Unique Dual Training Program

Take the chance and combine an international Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at one of the best technical universities worldwide with training projects by some of the key players in the German industry.
Smart Factory

Industry 4.0

The concept of Industry 4.0 defines a new way of organizing factories, also called smart factories, aiming to better serve customers through greater flexibility of production and resource optimization, integrating the internet of things and digitalization into the global production processes.


Key Principles Industry 4.0

  • Flexible factories
  • Collection and analysis of data
  • Use of networks for instant communication
  • More efficiency in terms of energy and resources
  • Heavy utilization of the internet
  • Real time process monitoring
  • Integration of technical processes and business processes
  • Digital image and virtualization of the real world
  • Great potential of combining "intelligent" products and capital goods


About the Program

The smart factory is already part of today's industry, which means that Engineers need know-how for the integration and extension of these digitalized factories. In cooperation with industry partners the Carl Benz School of Engineering as the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT offers the integrated industry unit Smart Factory@Industry. This dual training program aims to enhance the technical and interdisciplinary profile of mechanical engineering students. Lastly, with this program the students are able to build up networks with potential employers at a very early stage of their academic career.





The Dual Training Program "Smart Factory@Industry" is...


... part of the specialization in „Global Production Management“
... organized as program-specific block lectures
... set up as practical phases at the company‘s innovation labs
... open to selected Carl Benz School participants only
... enables exclusive insights in aspects of industry 4.0




The participants will gain...


... hands-on experience
... direct links to key players in the German industry
... knowledge directly from industry experts
... additional management skills
... sense for today’s job market
... intercultural competences
... the opportunity to do the Bachelor's thesis with one of the industry partners


Potential topics of the industry projects


Each industry partner offers a program according to their production’s very specific needs, which are e.g.: