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Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT
Dr. Birgitta Kappes
Dr. Birgitta Kappes
Director Admissions Office


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Strive to be an engineer?



Are you interested in the Mechanical Engineering Program of Carl Benz School? Here you find all relevant information on the Admission Process. You can also check the FAQs for further details.

Application Procedure

Read the following carefully so that you know how to apply.
There are four Steps to admission:
Step 1

Please use our application portal to apply for the Bachelor Program in Mechanical Engineering at the Carl Benz School of Engineering.

Before starting the application process, we recommend you to have the following documents at hand:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcripts of records/Predicted grade sheet
  • SAT Scores: Please be aware that you need an SAT to apply at CBS. Register for your SAT here. Please check for other dates in the US and Canada.

Note: For 2017 you can hand in your SAT scores later, together with your final grade sheet.

  • Passport photograph
  • Personal statement
  • Declaration of financial support
  • Optionally, other documents proving your qualification, e.g., extracurricular activities
  • Optionally, if you do not have Mathematics  and Physics as Higher/Advanced Level, you can send in your SAT Subject Test in Physics


  • Two letters of recommendation (you are allowed to send them in via e-mail after the submission of your application (but by April 30)
  • English language proficiency test certificate unless English is your mother language or has been the language of instruction for the last five years (you are allowed to upload it after the submission of your application (but by April 30)
Step 2

Receipt of your application will be confirmed by e-mail.

Step 3

Your application will be screened. 

Step 4

 Sends an admission letter or a rejection to applicant.

Application Deadline

The final application deadline is the April 30 for each given year.

German citizens must use the online portal of directly to apply for the B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering program.


Direct Admission, Early Admissions Exams or Entry Exam

Please note that your application and all supporting documents must be submitted in the application portal

• latest by February 15, 2017 for Early Admissions Exams and taking advantage of the fee discount

• no later than April 30, 2017 for Direct Admission

• no later than April 30, 2017 for the Entry Exam

Successful applications arriving before February 15, 2017 will be given a discount of 700€ on the Pre-Semester fee. In addition, you will be placed on the list of students who have the chance to choose between a single or a twin room.


Additional Information

Your statement of purpose should express your interest in mechanical engineering and why Carl Benz School is the perfect fit for you.

The financial declaration is an informal statement by your parents/guardian/sponsor. It should confirm that they are able to support you financially during the course of your studies.

Copies of secondary school transcripts must be certified to be true by your secondary school and the letters of recommendation should contain the signatures of your secondary school teachers.

If you feel you would like to support your application with additional certificates (e.g., participation in science camps while you were in high school), please include ONLY the relevant certificates from high school.