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Overview: Cost & Fees

The Carl Benz School of Engineering holds a college structure within the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), which is why the specific college fee applies in addition to the university enrollment and tuition fees. The college fee covers academic learning and additional services* that are provided by the Carl Benz School.

Carl Benz School offers more than just university education. It offers a safe and supportive environment to support the students throughout their studies. Within the CBS College Campus, students have the possibility to live in on-campus housing, take classes in our lecture rooms, and spend time studying in our library. In addition, we offer a wide range of individualized study and career guidance. CBS provides an excellent learning environment and aims to assist the students in their personal and academic development. CBS Students receive College Tutoring that consists of small class sizes, which is often regarded as one of the best teaching methods available.


*The CBS College fee includes lecture notes, past papers, German and English language courses, additional course program (soft skills, intercultural training, etc.), specific tutoring, study guidance, workshops, support with internship applications. It does not include costs for accommodation, meals nor traveling.

** Please also click here for more information on KIT Tuition Fees!


  KIT Tuition Fees** CBS College Fees* Overall Semester Fees
EU Student 153,69 € 7.000 € 7.153,69 €
Non-EU Student 1.653,69 € 7.000 € 8.653,69 €


Carl Benz School is currently not offering any scholarships. For further information about fees and prices please contact us.


General Living Expenses


The estimated general living expenses per month for a single student are as follows:

  • Public Transportation: approx. 34 €
  • Food: approx. 167 €
  • Pocket Money: approx. 150 €
  • Compulsory German Health Insurance: approx. 34 €


Find more information about the living costs in Karlsruhe here.


Other Possible Expenses


The costs of travelling to and from Germany should also be taken into consideration.


Housing and Accommodation

The Carl Benz School offers exclusive campus accommodation (single and twin rooms) in its own campus dormitory. Find more information on prices and booking here.