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Add-On Services

Carl Benz School is about more than just a university degree. We offer many included services to provide students with an excellent learning environment and aim to assist them in their personal and academic development.

The Add-On Services at Carl Benz School for example include small class sizes, industry trainings, language courses, individual study and career guidance, and many more.


Language Courses

At Carl Benz School we provide our students with tailor-made language courses in German (A1 - C2), Business English and Technical English.

Soft Skill Courses

Supplementary courses at Carl Benz School include Negotiating in an International Environment, Presentation & Professional Application, Academic Writing and Intercultural Awareness.

Hands-On Industry Training

At Carl Benz School students have the chance to combine their studies with hands-on industry training projects by some of the key players in the German industry.

The projects are part of the so called Smart Factory@Industry program and aim to enhance the technical and interdisciplinary profile of mechanical engineering students.

Find more information here.

Study & Career Guidance

The Study Guidance Program of the Carl Benz School aims at acquiring and shaping profound knowledge of soft skills which are essential for the academic, professional and personal development.

It includes workshops on learning styles and techniques, time management, taking notes as well as efficient exam preparation, academic writing and career planning.

In addition to these sessions, students meet with student counselors once per month to discuss and evaluate their individual progress and to define further steps.