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Our students and alumni at Carl Benz School come from over 50 different countries. Hence, our students benefit from a worldwide network of ambassadors.

At Carl Benz School, our College Program is characterized by small and exclusive classes of up to 50 students coming together to benefit from a high quality undergraduate Bachelor of Science program in Mechanical Engineering (International). 

Besides, technically interested high school students can join one of our summer schools to take a sneak peek into the world of Engineering in a unique combination of challenging lectures and hands-on workshops. Our international programs are taught in English and perfectly prepare students from all over the world for a successful career in Engineering.

Our Rankings

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Teaching at the highest academic level

As the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT, Carl Benz School offers teaching at the highest academic level. The exceptional quality of both research and teaching at KIT is repeatedly proven by different international rankings.


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History of Carl Benz School

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The CBS is named after Carl Benz 


The CBS is very proud to be named after Carl Benz, the inventor of the automobile. The school aims to educate bright engineers with an innovative mind-set to follow his example, by influencing the technological developments of tomorrow.

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Organizational Structure


Get to know the CBS - the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT

Carl Benz School of Engineering is an independent institution within the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with a college like structure. The team at CBS consists of scientists and lecturers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as well as an administrative team. Everyone at CBS works hard to ensure that the students receive the best education and support.

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