Login to the CBS intranet for students and lecturers

Click the following link for access to the Carl Benz School sharepoint. Please note:

  • Access for the Carl Benz School sharepoint is free for students and KIT lecturers of the Carl Benz School.
  • You need to be activated for the Carl Benz School sharepoint. Prerequisite is a valid KIT immatriculation number (students) or the KIT user account of the Steinbuch Center for Computing for KIT lecturers.
  • For login to the sharepoint please enter your KIT email adress in the field "Benutzername" and your according password in the field "Passwort".
  • If you would like to access the sharepoint from external computers (not from the KIT network), you need an "Juniper VPN-access". See the website of the KIT IT Center (in German) for instructions.


Do you have any problems with the sharepoint? Please let our student office know, we are happy to help. You can reach us at StudentOffice∂carlbenzschool.kit.edu.