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Our 3-year Bachelor’s program aims to prepare future engineers for a successful career in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

At Carl Benz School, students begin developing their skills with fundamental courses (Semester 1 - 4). In the last year of their studies (Semester 5 - 6), the students can choose, according to their interest and strengths, between the majors of Automotive Engineering, Energy Engineering, or Global Production Management. This way, they are given the opportunity to specialize in one of the most promising subjects relevant for the future of Engineering.

To make sure that the students are well prepared for their final exams, some subjects require fulfilling certain criteria in order to register for the examniation like scoring enough points by completing assignments or quizzes.


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The curriculum is completed by supplementary studies, such as language courses, career workshops, academic writing, cultural studies, as well as networking and social events in the CBS College Program. Besides the academic program, the students are also encouraged to join our Smart Projects. This experience develops their personal career perspectives and might provide them with an industry network during their studies.


Specializations within the curriculum

In their last year, our students can choose their preferred specialization between the majors of Automotive Engineering, Energy Engineering or Global Production Management.

Specialization in Automotive Engineering

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a drastic boost in innovation with regard to the development of marketable electro motors, optimization of combustion engines and light-weight design.

Students who choose to specialize in Automotive Engineering profit from the fact that the automotive industry is Germany’s largest industry sector with a turnover of approximately 404 billion Euros in 2015, covering 20% of Germany`s industry revenues overall. Ten out of the 100 largest automotive suppliers have either their headquarters or one of their subsidiaries near Karlsruhe. At the KIT more than 40 institutes with 800 scientists are conducting research for safer, more comfortable and more efficient cars.


Specialization in Energy Engineering

The specialization in Energy Engineering is the best choice for those who want to pursue a future career in an ever-expanding and increasingly important sector.

Students learn about forms and sources of energy, energy production and storage. They also study the management of energy as well as the utilization of renewable energy sources and learn about economic efficiency in the energy industry and the understanding of technical combustion systems, e.g. engines and turbines.


Specialization in Global Production Management

Production management is a vital key to the operation of companies. This specialization opens doors to countless career opportunities, including the hands-on training program SmartFactory∂Industry.

Students learn about production planning and control, production logistics, distribution centers, the optimization of logistical networks, material flow processes and project management. The evaluation of methods in terms of technical and economic aspects and virtual product development processes (product lifecycle management) are also important.


Specialization within the Curriculum

curriculum, specializations within the curriculum, Carl Benz School


Further documents regarding the curriculum

  • For the official document on study and examination regulations of the B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (International) click here.

  • For the official document on admissions regulations of the B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (International) click here.

  • Click here to view the Academic Calendar for 2023/2024.
  • Take a look at the Module Handbook here.


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The Smart Projects are an integral part of the CBS College Program experience that combine academic study with practical experience to develop a versatile academic and professional profile. SmartFactory@Industry, SmartCoop@KIT and SmartScience@KIT are exclusive training programs with partner companies, academic institutes and more.



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