The research-oriented 3-month-project offers select participants of the College Program the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in exploring fundamental engineering-scientific research questions through a student assistant position.

About the Program

Visionary thinking, curiosity and persistence are all qualities that unite Carl Benz as an outstanding inventor and Albert Einstein as a pioneering researcher. If you share these attributes and are seeking to challenge your abilities in critical and abstract thinking, then Smart Science is the ideal opportunity for you!

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The research-oriented 3-month-project offers selected participants of the CBS College Program the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in exploring fundamental engineering-scientific research questions through a student assistant position. We will refer you to faculty members of the Mechanical Engineering Department at KIT, who will identify research topics with you. At the same time, you gather first impressions of academic career options at KIT. Smart Science is especially interesting for MEI students who would like to work on industrial research projects or wish to pursue a Master or doctoral degree.

CBS will accompany the projects for the full length of their duration via regular coaching sessions to ensure a successful completion of tasks. Project results are to be drafted in form of an Executive Summary (poster/experiment/talk/short-video) using an intelligent and comprehensible approach. In addition, they can be presented as part of a regular MEI lecture, thus allowing students the opportunity to gain their first experience in teaching. The research opportunities will prepare participants to develop smart scientific methodologies and problem-solving skills to succeed in academia and the workplace.

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Shreyas, Intake 2018

Take a look at the experience that Shreyas shares about his participation in a SmartScience@KIT project.

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The Smart Science project is…

  • looking for creative students in their 3rd to 5th semester who have an interest in research-oriented lecture contents
  • funded by CBS via a student research position
  • suitable for students in a solid academic standing
  • run in parallel to the regular curriculum
  • managed through regular updates from the institutes, students and CBS
  • finally filmed and cut into a 3 to 4 minutes short-video and presented in a PPT format with a template provided by CBS
  • accredited with a final certificate detailing the student´s extracurricular commitment
  • open to selected participants of the CBS College Program (legal action excluded)



The participants will gain...

  • personal development opportunities through a supervised program
  • presentation skills
  • experiences in learning by teaching and learning to teach
  • research-oriented teaching in MEI
  • long-term career opportunities for young research talents at KIT
  • the opportunity to continue the research topic as Bachelor thesis
  • problem-solving skills and the development of smart scientific methodologies
  • engagement in creating new knowledge through research
  • intercultural work experience in a boundary-crossing research environment


smart science, Carl Benz School
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Mr. Nico Jäckel

Head of CBS Operations

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Please fill out the form below to apply to SmartScience@KIT and send your CV, Motivation Letter and Grade Sheet via email to: StudentOffice∂ in order to complete your application.


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