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The SAID is a student led and run organization at CBS that acts as the connection between students and the faculty and staff. They further strive to make every student’s university experience a memorable one.

The SAID (Student Association of the International Department) is the student body of the Carl Benz School of Engineering. Founded in 2005, the SAID has always strived towards enhancing the university experience for students during their time at the Carl Benz School of Engineering. The SAID as a part of the CBS College Program provides students with support for their educational, residential or social concerns thanks to the immense knowledge and experience provided by the SAID members that represent all the different intakes.

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One of the biggest roles the SAID takes is organizing social, educational and activity based events to further enhance student interaction and integration. This also includes organizing company visits in order to provide the students with an insight into their future career fields. Additionally, the SAID residence team provides a fundamental foothold to all students, especially newer students, in order to make them feel comfortable in their new university environment.

The SAID takes pride in representing a culturally diverse group of students. For further contact inquiries with SAID members please refer to the CBS Student Office or visit their website. You can also follow the SAID on their Instagram account so that you won't miss any updates.


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