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Welcome to the Carl Benz School alumni network! Being part of this worldwide community offers numerous advantages and there are many ways to stay in touch with us.

Alumni Group on Social Media

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Stay in touch as alumni


Use social media to stay in touch with the Carl Benz School as an alumni and to connect with current students, lecturers and former classmates.

Become part of our virtual CBS Alumni Network through our LinkedIn Group.


Get connected with us on LinkedIn  & Facebook & Instagramor YouTube.




Alumni Meetings & Events

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Don't miss our alumni events!


Participate in our regular Alumni Meetings and take part in seminars, workshops or other events. They offer a great possibility for networking to establish new contacts and refresh existing ones. Experience a lifelong learning process with the Carl Benz School and profit from input and discussions with experts from research and industry.



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Alumni Voices & Career Steps 

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Find out what our alumni say


What do our alumni have to say about their studies at Carl Benz School? How did their studies at Carl Benz School affect their careers and where are they working today? 


Read some of our alumni statements or watch our alumni interviews. 


KIT Alumni Network

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Become part of the worldwide KIT Alumni Network


Become part of the worldwide KIT Alumni Network and profit from the huge network with more than 17,000 alumni in more than 100 countries. As a Carl Benz School alumni you are invited to register for a membership.


Register here.