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Carl Benz School students come from all around the globe and work in many different countries after graduation. Thus, CBS boasts a worldwide alumni network.

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With alumni from 50 different countries, Carl Benz School alumni network covers most of the world. With their excellent education from the Mechanical Engineering College of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, CBS students go on to pursue careers in all kinds of places and companies.

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and its Mechanical Engineering College is a place of constant change and we invite you, as alumna or alumnus, to experience and shape the future with your possibilities: As participants in events, as an industry partner or partner from scientific institutions, with your involvement in alumni events, as a brand ambassador for Carl Benz School or as a mentor for students. Use the power of the network and benefit from the many possibilities!


What our alumni say

Watch Galina from Kazakhstan talking about her experience at Carl Benz School.

Umair from Pakistan talks about his experience about what it is like to study B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (International) at Carl Benz School in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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The Carl Benz School alumni survey 2017 states that 79% of the participants consider CBS as important or very important to their professional success. Read our alumni testimonials on why Carl Benz School is unique, and how it boosted their careers.

Read more about Emir's experience at CBS

"The lectures offered at CBS were held by the same professors as the German-taught students. However, with smaller classrooms, we were able to have closer interactions with our lecturers. The quality of the lectures and workshops were superb, the facilities exceptional. As expected from an engineering school, we learned to think analytically and were thought to take at things from different perspectives.

As a result of the smooth integration to the German society and to the engineering world, my work during my internship at DLR (The German Aerospace Center) drew attention of my supervisors. I was invited to work on my final thesis at DLR, which gave me further insight into the research world. I worked enthusiastically on my thesis about carbon fiber matrix composites which is a top research subject nowadays. This enthusiasm and the great fit supported by CBS, helped me to an excellent thesis result and graduation mark. Upon completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I am planning to continue my education in an area related to material science, while continuing my work at DLR. I am very grateful to CBS for giving me this support and excellent education which will carry me into the future."

CBS Alumni Emir


Read more about Gautham's experience at CBS

"I joined Carl Benz School (CBS) after completing my International Baccalaureate (IB) in Paris, in 2010. With the desire to remain in Europe and the admiration for German engineering, I was thrilled to pursue my bachelor’s degree in CBS under the auspices of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), one of the most reputed technical universities in Europe. I am currently working as a project manager in sales at Festo AG&Co.KG, a market leader in pneumatic automation.

The foundation for my career in product development was laid during my bachelor’s degree at CBS, where I gained valuable technical experience in product development with not only corporate companies such as Hilti AG, a global power-tool manufacturer but also startups such as Inreal Technologies GmbH, an innovative virtual reality solutions provider. Apart from excellent technical knowledge, CBS enabled me to grow personally by providing the opportunity to join numerous student organizations such as PionierGarage and Student Association of International Department (SAID). I strongly believe that CBS has provided me with the right foundation and network to achieve my goal of building a sustainable business of my own, driven by technology, to tackle social challenges."

CBS Alumni Gautham


Read more about Berk's experience at CBS

"I was looking for mechanical engineering programs in general in the last year of high school since my intention was to work in the automotive industry. Since Germany is well known for its precision and quality in engineering particularly in the automotive industry, this program caught my attention. After researching a bit more, I also figured KIT is one of the top universities in Germany. Eventually, since CBS program was offering mechanical engineering in English at KIT, I decided to study at this program.

The highlights for me were the student housing and classes mostly less than 30 people. It’s really hard to find a flat in Karlsruhe, it was really convenient have this offer. On the other hand, classes with few people allowed ability to ask questions to the lecturer and also increased level of interaction."

CBS Alumni Berk


Read more about Sanyam's experience at CBS

"I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer and as CBS was a part of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), it served both my needs of being part of a good university and also being able to study in English. After graduating I interned at a bike sharing company based out of Leipzig, Germany after which I came back to India and started my own bike sharing company which offers micro mobility solutions to Indian cities. What I love the most about my job is that my work is very unconventional and pioneering, mobility is such a huge space and has so much room for innovation, which translates to long hours and frequent travel but a lot of fun.

CBS made me more independent as a person for which I am very grateful. I would like to advise anyone that joins CBS or any other college for that matter to not get clogged up by their daily routine and curriculum during college. It is most important that you have fun and make connections that will last a lifetime."

CBS Alumni Sanyam


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With alumni from 50 different countries, Carl Benz School alumni network covers most of the world. Use the power of the network and benefit from the many possibilities!


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