Smart Projects

The Smart Projects are a part of the CBS College Program and include SmartFactory@Industry, SmartCoop@KIT and SmartScience@KIT.

What are the Smart Projects?

The Smart Projects are an integral part of the CBS College Program experience that combine academic study with practical experience to develop a versatile academic and professional profile - in a smart way. A variety of options are available to meet your individual needs and long-term goals. Students will participate in exclusive training programs with partner companies, academic institutes and more.

SmartFactory, Carl Benz School, College Program


Smart Factory@Industry is a hands-on industry training, which, together with industry partners, aims to enhance the practical as well as theoretical knowledge of CBS College Program students in the field of smart applications and Industry 4.0.


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SmartCoop, Carl Benz School, College Program


SmartCoop@KIT is an exclusive training program offered in cooperation with institutes of the KIT Department of Mechanical Engineering, whose innovation-driven research interlinks joint projects with industry partners.


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SmartScience, Carl Benz School, College Program


The research-oriented 3-month project offers select CBS College Program participants the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in exploring fundamental engineering-scientific research topics as a part of a student assistant program.


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Why should I participate?

Participants will get an introduction to practical applications in the wide field of Mechanical Engineering. The Smart Projects are integrated into the program to supplement the practical hands-on experiences. Participation will open the door for MEI (Mechanical Engineering International) students for potential employer recruitment, Mechanical Engineering research and Bachelor thesis opportunities.