Organizational Structure

The team at Carl Benz School consists of scientists and lecturers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as well as an administrative team. Everyone at CBS works to ensure that the students receive the best education and support.

At the KIT, university education is accomplished by eleven departments. The KIT deans report to the Vice President for Higher Education and Academic Affairs. With about 9,300 employees, including roundabout 6,000 scientists and lecturers, and 25,000 students, KIT is a large science institution holding a leading position in Europe. KIT offers research-based study programs to prepare its students for responsible positions in society, industry, and science.

The Carl Benz School as the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Böhlke as the Dean of Studies of Mechanical Engineering International (MEI) and Dr.-Ing. Judith Elsner as the managing director. Lecturers of the Carl Benz School are professors and scientists from the Mechancial Engineering Department at the KIT.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the KIT comprises more than 20 institutes, which manage student courses and research in the various branches of engineering. The department is consistently awarded top reviews for all its activities. Nationwide, the KIT is one of the universities most strongly engaged in research. Nevertheless, amidst all the research and teaching activities of the department, the importance of practical relevance is stressed. Main aspects are energy and environmentally-friendly technologies, automotive research and technology, materials science and technology, product design and development, production technology and mechatronics, and micro systems technology. A particular specialty is theoretical mechanical engineering. This fundamental and methodological research in mechanical engineering is counterbalanced at the KIT and complemented by application-oriented research. The department benefits greatly from its international connections and its many research collaborations with the industry.

Portrait Name Institute Function
Carl Benz School Professor Goll
Center for Functional Nanostructures Wave Phenomena
Carl Benz School Professor Deml
Institute of Human and Industrial Engineering Service Operations Management
Carl Benz School Professor Schulze
wbk Institute of Production Science Selected Topics in Manufacturing Technology
Carl Benz School Professor Furmans
Institute for Material Handling and Logistics (IFL) Production Operations Management, Basics in Material Handling and Logistics Systems
Carl Benz School Professor Albert Albers
IPEK - Institute for Product Engineering Mechanical Design I – IV
Carl Benz School Professor Burkardt
IPEK - Institute for Product Engineering Mechanical Design I – IV
Carl Benz School Professor Stiller
Institute of Measurement and Control Measurement and Control Systems
Carl Benz School Professor Kubach
Institute for Reciprocating Machinery Machines and Processes
Carl Benz School Professor Bockhorn
Engler-Bunte-Institute Combustion Technology Heat and Mass Transfer
Carl Benz School
  German Lecturer
Carl Benz School Lector Dörner
German Lector (on maternity leave)
Carl Benz School Professor Florin Badea
Institute for Applied Thermofluidics (IATF) Fundamentals of Energy Technology
Carl Benz School Professor Frohnapfel
Institute of Fluid Mechanics (ISTM) Fluid Mechanics
Carl Benz School Professor Seemann
Institute of Engineering Mechanics Engineering Mechanics III+IV
Carl Benz School Professor Böhlke
Institute of Engineering Mechanics Dean of Studies Mechanical Engineering (International)
Carl Benz School Professor Elstermann
Institute for Information Management in Engineering Computer Science for Engineers
Carl Benz School Altehenger-Smith
Business Englisch / Presentation and Negotiating / Technical English
Carl Benz School Axenovich
Department of Mathematics Advanced Mathematics I+II
Carl Benz School Avatar male
Carl Benz School Professor Gratzfeld
Institute for Vehicle System Technologies  
Carl Benz School Avatar male
Carl Benz School Avatar male
Institute for Technical Thermodynamics and Refrigeration Technology  
Carl Benz School Avatar male
Institute for Technical Mechanics  

A vibrant school depends on an equally dynamic and energetic support staff to keep all the behind-the-scenes processes running smoothly. At Carl Benz School we support students, parents and counselors as well as industry contacts and partners on a very high service level according to international standards.

For all requests regarding potential applications or questions that may raise up concerning Carl Benz School a qualified program consultancy team will support you. There are several ways to get in touch:

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Excellence University

As the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT, we are proud to be part of the University of Excellence! Read more about the KIT as an Excellence University.

We are part of the University of Excellence!
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History of Carl Benz School

The Carl Benz School of Engineering is very proud to be named after Carl Benz, the inventor of the automobile. We aim to educate bright engineers to follow in his footsteps.

Read more on our history