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Prospective Students

A passion for science? Interested in creating inventions? The desire to pursue an international career? Then Carl Benz School the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT is the perfect fit!

Engineers apply scientific and mathematical principles to create a system or technical product to meet a specific need that benefits our society. Therefore, the most fundamental requirement for becoming a mechanical engineering is a strong interest in studying and understanding machines. But what else characterizes a successful engineer? We compiled some qualities engineering students should have:

  • Strong in mathematics and science
  • Detail oriented and highly analytical
  • Imaginative and creative
  • Good communication skills
  • Team worker
  • Enjoy building or improving the way things work


At Carl Benz School students from all over the world live together on one campus to pursue their dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. We expect our students to be open minded and tolerant as well as determined to excel in their studies. Studying mechanical engineering requires a great amount of self-discipline and hard work. Nevertheless, the student life is not only about studying but also the building of friendships and life-long connections. An interest in other cultures and especially the German culture will enrich the students experience at Carl Benz School.


Have a look at this map to see where our students come from: